PP 084 MOTRON "Who'll stop the rain"


todo modo 01:55
TODO MODO state churches corporations fight for power? just a farce raise by media it's already decided TODOOOOO TODO MODOOO since you're born (they've) been fooling you focusing on puppets rip the veil they mist you (there's) just one way to cross through shaking hands power spreads new world order runs this hell politicians and powerpigs since hundreds years hold world in fear
HAIR OF THE DOG wake up in fear death is whispering right in your ears blood, sweat and tears world’s spinning fast you know what you need what can you do / try the old cure prepare for the worse…. HAIR OF THE DOG! no peace to be found what goes around for sure comes around one more sip down one way to hell you know where you’re bound lying on the floor / puking your soul cursing all gods… HAIR OF THE DOG! fucked up again today as tomorrow just like yesterday let’s ease the pain don’t fear the future just drink it away what didn’t kill you will make you strong let’s have one more… HAIR OF THE DOG!
A WARSONG pt. II the war is rapin' mother nature war the war kills mothers and children
WHO'LL STOP THE RAIN Remote-controlled death Pours down from the sky Comes out of the blue There's no time to hide A new storm is coming A new storm of pain… …who’ll stop the rain? A lightning in your eyes Before the gloom Thunders rumble The sound of your doom A new storm is coming A new storm of pain… …who’ll stop the rain?
forget 02:15
FORGET denial of present, fake news at their best everything happens and vanish so fast a mist of confusion to cloud up your mind and you'll never think of what happens behind hear nothing, see nothing, stone-deaf and go blind remembrance won’t get you no peace of mind forget all the woes, you won’t be outraged your backyard is golden and so is your cage when no one remembers the past can be changed FORGET all the sorrow, forget who's to blame life is a game of eternal deceit truth lies six feet under a ground full of shit oblivion is bliss, you don't need to care just learn what they want and be sure to forget become a clean slate to be filled everyday with bullshit and lies all over again forget all the sorrow, forget all the shame forget all the violence, forget who's to blame forget all the wars, forget all the dead don't forget to remember to fucking forget
rage burning 02:16
RAGE BURNING Stopped by police My heart is thrilling a gun in the hand no brain in the head questioning begins panic burns into rage
IF YOU ARE ONLY IN IT FOR THE LYRICS If you enjoy the music just for the lyrics FUCK OFF!
DOOMED (TO LIFE) breathe and eat their shit but don’t you dare to die it’s not your decision they’ll keep you alive ...DOOMED.. you can’t have control on your own life and death just pay for your pills or be tied up to bed the older the better feel more and more pain every breath you still take is more money they gain they talk about moral hypocritical scumbags no dignity of choice when you come to the end
M.A.M. 02:33
M.A.M. Just another fucking day here The same struggles the same old fears Thinking about what it will be Thinking if man will ever be free Can’t find solutions in empty bottles Only your strength can help you through battles You know we all are born to lose You know we all are knocked down by laws Men against men I will never understand We don’t have a second chance We are born and live in chains What the fuck are we living for? The are no reasons anymore Try not to think at people’s pain Every new day is just a gain Try to live your own fucking life Through their lies that make people die Suffering in every corner of the world Inflicted on weak people From businessmen rotten to the core I hope one day to see a slit on your throat
BANNED FROM THE CLUBS dirty guys soaked in booze try to mingle and make new friends but bothers grow as beer goes down and clubs just wanna kick them out there's a situation to be solved kick out these guys from the clubs ban them from the clubs! they are stubborn and full of drugs no way to stop them or slow'em down in the end in every place chased away and never play again
into my cage 02:15
INTO MY CAGE Head between my hands during this life I remember the sorrow and I start my fight Torture and pain into my cage
DEEPER THAN UNDERGROUND we're deeper than underground earnin' no likes boozin' with friends 'til night ends deeper deeper deeper than underground deeper than underground on our way low life raw punk without any gain
DRUGS FOR FUN tonight there is only one thing in my mind go down in the street and fight with police but just by myself i can't do that I need some drugs, some drugs for fun Without any drugs I can't express no desire without any drugs I can't give you fire but if I sniff 2 grams of speed smoke 100 euro of good cocaine now I can do everything Without any drugs I can't play rock'n'roll drink and sniff is all I need destroy all around and wait for my down I need some drugs some drugs for fun Without any drugs I can't express no desire without any drugs I can't give you fire but if I sniff 2 grams of speed smoke 100 euro of good cocaine now I can do everything


Motron is a 5 piece band from Varese Italy, featuring members of Kontatto, Miseria, Campus Sterminii, Pioggia Nera and Devoid Of Thought.
With a blasting mix of raw crust, d-beat and rock 'n' roll riffing we'll blow your ears and your mind away!!!
Open your beer and get ready to enter an hellish world populated by zombies, despair, death, rage and booze!!!

Review by THOUGHTS WORDS ACTION - thoughtswordsaction.com/2020/08/03/mwwstrlp/


released November 15, 2019

Recorded in may 2019 @ Mobsound by Ale Caneva
Mixed by Ale Caneva and Motron
Mastered @ Eleven Mastering by Bernie
Background vocals by Motron, Panzer, Ale, Pietro, Ska & Mia
Cover by Ancè
Layout by Motron and Giulia


all rights reserved



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